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Who are typical OLB customers?

  • Content sites, portals, ISP’s and Fortune 1000 companies with high traffic, but no eCommerce functionality looking for a fully outsourced solution make up a majority of our customer base. Additionally, content sites, portals, and Fortune 1000 companies that have some eCommerce in place but are looking for either an additional channel or a better approach.
  • System integrators and web developers who can provide added value to their customers or generate additional revenue by including eCommerce functionality in their offerings.
  • Existing brick-and-mortar companies who have inventory and fulfillment capability, but do not wish to create and maintain an eCommerce site and infrastructure.
  • Corporate intranets.

How is OLB different from other CSPs?

We offer basic key advantages:

  1. Time to Market – We can create a customized site within days and have it fully operational in less than 2 weeks.
  2. Cost – We are the only CSP that does not charge a setup fee.
  3. Flexibility – Our platform is flexible which allows us to provide more customized solutions for Partners.
  4. Pricing – We provide Partners with a price comparison feature that they can utilize if they wish to set prices for products or run promotions.
  5. Payment Processing – We can provide financial service companies with the ability to have their customers’ accounts directly debited for payment.
  6. Experience – We have been providing eCommerce services since 1996.

Who supplies the products within ShopFast-DSD?

OLB has established strategic relationships with a number of suppliers that provide a diverse assortment of product categories and fulfill orders, as well as provide real-time product and order information. Most of our Suppliers fulfill products not only for other popular eCommerce websites but for established brick-and-mortar companies, as well. Each Supplier is selected with great care.

What are the costs for the ShopFast commerce platform?

Our eCommerce software and services are provided at no cost. Instead, Partners share with OLB in the net profit from eCommerce transactions generated from the branded sites that we operate and maintain.

Net profit represents 50% of the profit generated by eCommerce transactions, after adjusting for all direct costs associated with the sale, including the cost of goods sold, customer service, and credit card fees. Shipping and handling charges are paid by the eCommerce customer at the time of sale and are forwarded to our Suppliers by OLB in conjunction with the payment for products shipped.

Why will surfers shop on a ShopFast-powered site?

The OLB business model is designed to utilize the benefits of the internet and eCommerce to provide superior value to eCommerce consumers. The Company believes that the complete ShopFast-DSD solution offers its Partners and end-users a number of benefits including:

  • Quality and selection from recognized brands
  • Information-rich marketing
  • Convenient and secure shopping experience
  • Competitive prices
  • Emphasis on customer service

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