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The OLB Group, Inc.

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Formation Date: 11/18/2004

    • omnisoft logo
      Cloud-based business management platform that provides Omni Commerce Solutions. Application on iPad mobile and the web allows you sell a store’s products in a physical, retail setting. It’s quick and easy: browse your store’s catalog, pick a customer’s products, swipe their credit card, and print their receipt or send it through email Visit Website
      Formation- 09/18/2016
      Platform to raise capital for Issuers and broker-dealers. The most powerful, scalable turnkey software in crowdfunding for debt, equity, rewards and donations, CrowdPay provides you with the smoothest and fastest Launchpad for your own equity crowdfunding portal with unmatchable customisation options Visit Website
      Formation- 09/18/2016
    • crowdignition
      Crowd Ignition, Inc. is a funding portal registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Visit WebsiteFormation- 01/02/2017
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      My first employer. All the stuff I’ve learned and projects I’ve been working on.Formation- 03/13/2018
    • evance1

      We grow when our customers grow. Our promise and a guarantee, we will work hard, fulfilling our commitment to helping your business prosper Visit WebsiteFormation- 03/13/2018

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      My first employer. All the stuff I’ve learned and projects I’ve been working on.Formation- 05/14/2021
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      D|Mint a subsidiary of THE OLB GROUP, INC. aims to build the largest mining operation in the United States at one of the lowest energy costs. We are expanding our operations by increasing the cryptocurrency mining hash rate and infrastructure capacity Visit WebsiteFormation- 07/23/2021

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