Manufactures Solution

Build your online brand and let consumers know of your products

With your online store powered by OLBG with a digital catalog that can be syndicated to your dealers and retailers, you can reach consumers across channels. OLBG enables you as well as your dealers to leverage digital channels such as Internet, mobile and social media to promote your brand and sell your products directly online as well as in physical stores.

Provide a Rich Product Experience

With OLBG you can build a rich product catalog of your products that can be syndicated to you dealers apart from being presented on your own website. This enables you to present a rich product experience consistently across channels.

Increase footfalls to dealer/retail stores

OLBG Web-2-Store suite is designed to make all your dealer stores searchable and tie them to rich product presentation and effectively divert consumers from your website to a real retail store.
Reach consumers through multiple channels – Internet & mobile

OLBG E-commerce suite is designed to reduce the complexities involved with launching and managing B2C. All the channels are also accessible on mobile through WAP or GPRS which helps the consumers stay connected to you and your partners on the move. With end to end capabilities from catalog management, rich product experience to online sales and order management, OLBG enables the complete digital commerce workflow for manufacturers.

Manage & Drive institutional/corporate B2B & B2C sales

With OLBG you can effectively increase your sales to institutional/corporate customers by providing an exclusive experience to them. OLBG helps you create exclusive online stores for the employees of your corporate clients as well as for bulk corporate sales. You can provide customized merchandising, pricing, offers and rich product experience for each of your institutional/corporate customers..
Sell online directly to consumers

With OLBG you can provide a complete online shopping experience to your consumers on your online store. With rich product experience, product search, product comparison, product discovery, promotions & many such capabilities, consumers are taken through an engaging & purchase oriented experience.
Empower your dealers to use Internet & mobile to increase sales

Just like you can create exclusive stores for institutional B2B and B2C sales, with OLBG you can also create a separate online store (website) for each of your dealers. The product experience & catalog will be in your control while the dealer can control pricing, offers etc. to provide a coherent, rich & consumer influencing online presence to your dealers. Dealers can sell directly on these online stores powered by OLBG or drive consumers to their physical stores.