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Help customers find & shop for your products through all consumer touchpoints.

OLBG is a single solution for all the ways you sell across digital media (internet, mobile, corporate storefronts) as well as for driving up your in-store sales. It helps you avoid the complexity of technology and the integration of all these channels to drive up revenue at lower costs.

OLBG helps you create web and mobile storefronts, offer dynamic catalog and pricing information, and enable your target consumers to find and buy your products across all available channels. With the help of OLBG, your existing team can start using the internet to attract more customers to your business and persuade them to buy from you online or from your physical stores.

OLBG helps to increase footfall in local stores.

OLBG’s lead generation solutions are designed to make all your stores searchable and influence consumers with a rich product presentation. With SEO and SEM capabilities, your online stores are favorably positioned in web search results, and apart from being able to sell online, you also effectively divert consumers from your website to your retail store.

Showcase your products & sell online directly to consumers.

With OLBG, you can provide a complete online shopping experience to your consumers on your online store. With a rich product experience, product search, product comparison, product discovery, promotions, and many other essential capabilities, consumers are taken through an engaging and purchase-oriented experience.

Discover simple integrated SEO & online marketing tools.

OLBG comes with built-in SEO and online marketing tools to make sure that your online store is searchable by online consumers. By using simple marketing tools you can attract more customers to your business.

Not only that, but you can also sign up on a number of Marketplaces powered by OLBG which have millions of consumers to instantly and exponentially increase your online reach. To learn more about the Marketplaces solution, please see the “OLBG Marketplaces” section.

Explore integrated payment & shipping solutions.

OLBG offers integrated payment and shipping solutions. We also feature payment solution providers and logistics companies as part of the OLBG-system to bring reliable, proven, and affordable solutions to OLBG powered retailers.

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