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Product Categories

Over 100 Suppliers, More than 4,000,000 products

ShopFast DSD is a fully integrated eCommerce solution offering a wide variety of merchandise. The ShopFast DSD solution is offered as a multi-item inventory shopping service consisting of selected product categories. These products serve as virtual inventory that may be selected as product offerings for its eCommerce site, which we create to your specification. Each Partner has the ability to customize the content of its site to meet its own unique branding requirements. We offer over 4 million distinct products, which are available as part of ShopFast DSD, and are included in the following broad categories:


Brand Name Cosmetics, Hair and Nail products, Sport Products, Toys, Books, Electronics, Videos, Fragrances, Tickets, Travel, Music and Gift Certificates.

Each Partner directly benefits from the economies of scale generated through our online partnerships. Additionally, by tracking general consumer behavior patterns for all sites, the Company can provide personalized marketing to customize product offerings for repeat customers.

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