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If you are one of the millions of Americans who are currently uninsured, we would like to introduce you to a healthcare solution designed specifically for you.

Chances are traditional health insurance is too expensive for you or pre-existing conditions have resulted in you being turned down for insurance coverage. We want to solve both of those problems for you right now.

The GHM Benefits package is real health insurance. We work only with the top health care providers in order to assure the highest quality coverage. Our simple online sign-up process will match you with excellent insurance providers in your area, and get you IMMEDIATE coverage for you and your family.

GHM Benefits is a perfect healthcare solution for small businesses. With GHM Benefits you are able to define how much of your employee’s benefits you will cover. Use benefits as an incentive for performance or as a reward for extended employment.

This is the most affordable healthcare solution in America. Get a quote to compare prices and see how much you are could actually save.

The information below takes you through the coverage details of your new health insurance plan.

Network Preferred Provider Organization

Get the best medical coverage at a huge discount.

Doctors Coverage

Sick visits, exams, x-rays, lab work, ambulance, screenings, and hospital stays are all covered under the plan, and much more.

Prescription Plan

Covers most medications and provides significant discounts on the prescriptions Americans need the most and use all the time.

Accident Injury Coverage

Medical services required by an injury are covered under the plan.

Discounts & Savings Benefits

Your plan comes with non-insurance benefits providing you with extra savings on services that help stretch your dollar.

When you get a quote, you’ll see a chart of benefits listing the discounts and savings that come with your plan. The best part is that you can sign up today completely online through our agentless enrollment platform.

Our online quote system saves you money on your premiums! Get your quote today!

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