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For Single Store eTailer

Searches for local shopping options make up a significant portion of online consumer activity. Consumers search for all kinds of products including apparel, shoes, fashion accessories, electronics, mobiles, computers, gifts, and books. It is important for small retailers to be present across multiple digital channels to ensure competitiveness in today’s market.

OLBG provides an affordable, easy-to-use solution for single-store retailers to establish and manage their online storefronts. With the help of OLBG, single-store retailers can create an online presence without having to get into managing an IT infrastructure or spending a huge amount of money on establishing a separate online business.

By providing a platform that is friendly to your manager and in-house team, OLBG ensures that the online business becomes an extension of your core retailing business and not a separate problem.

OLGB’s ready-to-use product bank with photographs and details for over 4,000,000 branded products, integrated payment solutions, logistics, and online marketing solutions make the task of going online simple, quick, efficient and cost-effective.

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