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For Manufacturers

Manufacturers are concerned about the perception of their brand and typically use different channels such as television or print media to create a positive brand perception among consumers. Recently, due to the significantly increased reach of the internet and mobile platforms, manufacturers have also started focusing on these channels to ensure a rich brand experience across digital media.

Across digital media, there are several players that influence a brand’s perception including dealers, distributors, and retailers. It is important to ensure a consistent and uniform brand experience across the breadth of all digital channels.

At the same time, consumers have started searching for manufacturers’ websites to find accurate product information and deals/offers. In this new marketplace, it is becoming increasingly important for manufacturers to use the internet and mobile platforms to directly connect with consumers, provide detailed product information, and the best offers.

OLBG has a single, comprehensive solution for all the ways you want to reach your consumers, promote your brand, showcase your products in a rich way, and sell your products across multiple channels. OLBG helps you avoid the complexities of managing technology and lets you drive higher revenue at lower costs.

With the help of the OLBG solution, you can create internet and mobile-based storefronts, offer dynamic product catalogs and pricing information, and enable consumers to discover your products or services, and order them across all available consumer channels.