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Does the company plan to HOLD all bitcoins mined or are you open to selling some bitcoin depending upon market prices?


Currently, we are holding our Bitcoins. However, we may choose to sell some or all of our coins to use the proceeds to minimize debt financing needs for future machine

What is OLB’s cash position? Do you anticipate using debt or equity financing to get the capital to ramp up machine purchases?


Please look at our public filing

Can you project a likely monthly and annual revenue stream from the cryptocurrency mining operations of OLB once all 1,000 Antminer machines are fully up and running at full capacity?


Once we have 1,000 machines deployed and installed, we anticipate a revenue run rate of approximately $1mm a month of additional revenue above and beyond our current eCommerce business using

Will you give shareholders more information on the recent Crowd Ignition acquisition and what revenue and profit opportunities it represents to OLB?


Yes, Crowd Ignition was a very important strategic acquisition for our path to move to financial and banking products by having a platform that is regulated under Reg CF and

OLB Group Adds Payments Through Social Media Apps To Its Gateway


Payments provider The OLB Group Inc. announced Tuesday that its SecurePay payment gateway will support payment acceptance through social-media applications without requiring consumers to leave the app. To enable payments

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Robust E-commerce trends in holiday season should help drive continued sequential improvement. Even with some non-essential retailers or restaurants seeing reduced customer traffic in the wake of the second wave

eCommerce Solutions: Short-Term Fix Or Growth Strategy?


as a business imperative. With mandatory restrictions on in-store traffic, and customer reluctance to venture out to a public establishment, offering mobile and internet-based sales may be the only way

How small businesses are reaching more customers amid global pandemic


For more than ten years, Los Pollos Cuban Bakery has been operating in the San Diego area, serving up its Cuban pastries and signature dishes to workers at nearby offices

Global Market for Retail Omni-Channel Commerce Platform Could Exceed US$12.7 Billion by 2025


According to most experts the global Retail Omni-Channel Commerce Platform market will be driven by the growing business opportunity for eCommerce against the backdrop of the fact that the consumer

Stock IPO Pays Philanthropic Dividends


The Nasdaq opening bell rang out in traditional fashion to announce the start of trading for the day. For FJC donor John Herzog, however, the ringing of the bells indicated